About Us


Our Future

Human beings have never seen a better time in history like the present. The amount of progress we have put in the past hundred years are incredible, we have conquered the moon, skies, oceans and seas, we've created an almost magical way to communicate between us,  but yet we are destroying our home and everything that is in it. At Animalia we are not nihilistic, we are aware about the situation, knowing that if ”WE” as a society don't do nothing about it the scenario won't be nice for the future generations.
We focus on keeping alive the varieties of species of animals. There are multiple endangered species and we (humans) are responsible for this. We (ANML), do not feel comfortable seeing all this happening in front of us and doing nothing about it, so we created a clothing brand that gives back to animal conservation efforts.




Who’s ANML

Hey guys, I’m Carlos Martinez, ANML founder. Just a regular guy, young artist and entrepreneur who’s put up together passion, enthusiasm and care about the welfare of wildlife. I want to give out a message to the world through my designs, always letting people know the importance of having animals around us.



Making Products Responsibly

Our Champion and BELLA+CANVAS tees are made trough an eco friendly process. Water, energy or/and carbon emissions reduction, or any water used goes trough an filtration system that allows it to be recycled. Plastic bottles, fabric, polyester fibers, paper etc are being recycled and reused. BELLA+CANVAS sewing and cutting facilities are run on solar power, all buildings at their headquarters are equipped with motion-sensor LED lighting, which use x9 less energy than traditional lights. 
On the other hand, Champion’s goal for 2025 is to use 100% recycled polyester and sustainable cotton and planning on reducing by another 25% of water use but also achieving zero waste across their operations and supporting key suppliers to do the same.

The cotton used by Gildan for our hoodies and crewnecks, it’s a sustainable grown and ethically harvested cotton by U.S farmers who’ve made great sustainable improvements over the last years.
Also, Gildan supports youth education and humanitarian aid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gildan has joined forces with several business partners to leverage its manufacturing facilities to produce non-medical and medical face masks and isolation gowns to be distributed in support to communities, hospitals, health care workers or other battling the spread of the COVID-19.

Our caps at Flexfit Yupoong main supplier are unique because they’re made from rescued and recycled plastic bottles. Flexfit Yupoong states: « cannot save the world from all plastic but we play our part by rescuing large numbers of these bottles and turning them into hats, we truly hope we can create a positive change in the world one hat at a time »


Giving Back 

The way we will be giving back is trough our sales of every item up to 15%, it'll be donated to animal conservation efforts, this happens thanks to you! 

don't forget this! 

How does this work? you may ask, it's very simple. First of all, make sure to follow us on Instagram so you'll be updated for every move we make. Secondly, we will be asking and interacting with our followers to choose the one Organization of preference. And to finish, a receipt with the amount donated will be posted on Instagram next day for you to see.